USA Clickable Map

You need to change the path to find your own usa.jpg. Copy the map from this blog and upload it to yours or if you have access, you may go to your public_html directory (folder) and upload usa.jpg and change the path to or via wp (add media)

If you need any kind of help, please let me know. Link to my facebook.

Download code here (txt)

Download the map here (jpg)

Step-by-Step Tutorial.

1. Go to

2. Login into your account or create one.

3. Click on your name

4. Click on Dashboard

5. Click on Pages

6. Create a new page

7. Click on Text to copy and paste the code

8. Paste the code

9. Change Default Template

10. Change it to One Column, no sidebar.

9. You’re almost done. You can Update (save) your changes. You can Preview Changes.You need to change the first and last line of code.  Upload your own usa.jpg file to your wordpress (Upload/Insert) or change the code manually.

12. After uploading usa.jpg using WordPress, this is the final code.

13. Update your page.

14. Click on Settings -> Reading

15. Click on static page and pick your new page: Map.

16. Scroll down to Save Changes.

17. At the end of the file you’ll find a Home link, change the link or delete it.  I can add any link to this map, if you need help, send me an email

If you want to learn how to make a clickable map from scratch, if you need a different map, or if you need the psd photoshop files from this project, let me know.

18.  Please send a donation so I can keep going with my painting project and helping people.



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